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Authenticity of the collection: We have a rich heritage

Hayat National Hospitals Group was established in 1999, by A. Mohammed bin Nasser bin Jar Allah - Chairman of the Board of Directors - Al-Inmaa Medical Services Company (owner and operator of the Hayat National Hospitals Group) to manage and operate integrated hospitals in various regions of the Kingdom equipped with various medical specialties and quality to meet the needs of the Saudi community in accordance with the highest standards of quality and infection control. Over the course of 25 years, we aspire to achieve more expansions and achievements in the field of medical care.

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Oue Values

At Hayat National Hospitals, we believe in the values of integrity, perfection and privacy, values that distinguish us and direct us towards improving the quality of health care and meeting the needs of our society. Our values form the foundation of our work and reflect our commitment to providing the highest levels of care and service. Our values include:

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leader in healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. We seek to achieve this through continuous innovation and providing high-quality healthcare that meets the highest global standards. Our goal is to be a center of medical excellence,

Our message

Our mission revolves around providing distinguished, integrated, patient-focused health care. We are committed to providing innovative and comprehensive medical treatment, supported by a team of highly experienced specialists. We believe that quality, efficiency, and compassion are the essential components of providing exceptional health care.

CEO Message

The mission that the cadres of Hayat National Hospitals believe in imposes on us precision in selecting medical and administrative cadres so that they are at the highest scientific and technical levels so that we can achieve the desired goals in accordance with the approved strategic plans, which seek to raise the level of medical services in the private sector based on modern scientific foundations through... Applying the highest international quality and safety systems, and moving forward with international accreditation programs for our health facilities. Our role in the private health sector is not limited to what was mentioned only, but it is also our national duty and our sense of responsibility towards our society. We care about the role of the private health sector in educating and raising awareness of the community regarding health problems and diseases that may It will have a negative role in the process of development plans in the Kingdom. Our hospitals played a positive and effective role in achieving this by holding lectures, awareness seminars, and field visits to various entities, institutions, and companies to activate the humanitarian message of the health sector.

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