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Cosmetic and Laser Therapy Unit

Units of cosmetic injections and laser therapy are managed by an elite of highly skilled dermatologists and plastic surgeons with long standing experience in the field of cosmetic and beauty.

The latest medical devices are also available in the unit as well as the use of up to date technology in cosmetic injection and laser therapy.

  • The cosmetic units of Hayat National Hospital Group offer the following medical services:
  • Auto lipid injection
  • Plasma Injection (PRP)
  • Filler and Botox injections
  • French injection (Mesotherapy)
  • Liposuction

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is the latest technology in cosmetic and plastic medicine. It is not just about hair removal, but there are many other benefits of Laser therapy like treatment of scars using the fractional laser, treatment of pigmentation, treatment of varicose veins, and cosmetic narrowing of the vagina and more.

Laser Therapy offers the following medical services:

  • Fractional Laser modalities
  • Laser treatment of skin pigmentation
  • Cosmetic vagina narrowing by Laser
  • Hair removal by Laser

Treatment of varicose veins

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Participation in the Exhibition of Productive Families in Jazan

Hayat National Hospital in Jazan sponsored and participated in The Exhibition of Productive Families, which was held at the Kadi Mall from 27/03/1437 to 06/04/1437

A kidney removal (nephrectomy) operation for the first time in the Aseer region at Hayat National Hospital:

After a series of consecutive successes in the branches of the National Hayat Hospital, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shardeen and his assistant Dr. Abdullah Al-Heizi succeeded in

JCI (Joint Commission International to evaluate hospitals) accredited Hayat National Hospital in Riyadh.

Hayat National Hospitals Group (Riyadh-Aseer-Jazan-Qassim) has obtained JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation certificates and local accreditation certificates from the CBAHI (Central Board of Accreditation for

Hayat National Hospital – Aseer branch has participated in the activities of The Unified Gulf Week for the promotion of Oral and Dental Health.

Under the title “Dental Health and Beauty” This activity was held under the supervision of Hayat National Hospital – Aseer Branch, in coordination with the