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General Manager Message – Al-Inma’ Medical Services Company

Dr. Fawzia Mohammed Al-JarallahGeneral Manager - Al Inma’ Medical Services Company

General Manager - Al Inma’ Medical Services Company

Al Inma’ Medical Services Company
PhD in Allergy and Immunology - Canada
PhD in Pediatrics - Canada
Master degree in Hospital Management – Ireland

Message from the General Manager of Al-Inma’ Medical Services Company

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Hayat National Hospitals Group official website. We are working tirelessly to develop Hayat National Hospitals Group (Riyadh, Aseer, Jazan, and Qassim) to become one of the best medical groups in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The patient remains the core of all our endeavors and efforts, and we will continue to make decisions according to the needs of our patients and society.

We aim to be pioneers in the redefinition of healthcare, which makes us appreciated by our patients and respected by our societies, admired by our competitors, and the employer of choice for medical staff.

The mission of Hayat National Hospitals Group requires us to choose the medical and administrative staff at the highest scientific and technical levels so that we can achieve the desired goals according to the strategic plans. The aim of the mission is to improve the level of medical services in the private sector, through the application of the standard of quality systems and global safety.

As a private health sector, we also support our national duty and sense of responsibility towards our society. We are concerned with the role of the private health sector in educating and raising awareness of society towards health problems and diseases which may have a negative impact on the development of the Kingdom. Our hospitals have played a positive and effective role in achieving this through setting up lectures, awareness seminars and field visits to various institutions and companies to activate the humanitarian message of the health sector.