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Executive Manager – Riyadh

Mr. Yahya Al Qahtani

Executive manager

Hayat National Hospital – Riyadh

In recent years, the health sector in Saudi Arabia has experienced a major renaissance and quantum leaps in more than one area. Saudi Arabia has been ranked among the developed countries in the provision of integrated healthcare comparable to the best health systems in the world. Technical progress and electronic services have become a pressing necessity in this era.

Hayat National Hospital – Riyadh, like other health facilities in the Kingdom, seeks to keep pace with this progress and advancement in the service provided to citizens and residents. It aims also to reduce the burden and maintain readiness to work in electronic government in light of this great support by the wise government.

Our website would help users to finish hospital-related forms which include patient services, scheduling appointments, and referrals completely online and without the need to be physically present in the hospital. The hospital staff will also be able to reduce the need for paperwork and can finish all their duties from a single workstation.

Finally, we hope that this site would serve as an extension of the progress plans for the advancement of the service provided to patients and their families. We ask Allah Almighty to help us all to which pleases Him.