Executive Manager – Aseer - مستشفيات الحياة الوطني| الرياض- عسير- جازان- القصيم
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Executive Manager – Aseer

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Harith

Executive manager

Hayat National Hospital – Aseer

Praise be to Allah, prayers, and peace be upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions.
We live in an era of the cognitive and digital revolution with increased perfection and quality in the health renaissance, so we believe in the success of teamwork through the exchange of views and ideas. We also aware of the efforts of officials in Al-Inma’ Company headed by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Nasser Al Jarallah, General Manager of the company and the deputies, in addition to the desired aims in the social and economic development plans, which set to achieve many goals coming in the forefront of which is improving the health level of citizens.
As the hospital is an important means of contributing to social development, there has been increasing interest in the establishment and disbursement of hospitals through the participation of the private sector, at the global and local level, by ensuring that the medical service provided is of the highest standards and most cost-effective. This is enforced by the provision of qualified administrative and medical experts to ensure the maximum use of the available resources including the devices and equipment as well as the manpower working in various categories.
Thanks to God Almighty, these efforts have culminated by obtaining Al-Hayat Hospital in Aseer (2) local accreditation from the Saudi Center for the accreditation of health facilities and, as well as (2) accreditation by the International Joint Committee for Patient Care and Safety.
Finally, I ask God Almighty to help us and all workers to serve patients and their families, and to preserve the leaders of this dear country, that he is a hearer and an answerer.
“Peace, Mercy and blessings be upon you”