About Excellence Program

Joining the program – Excellence Program – at Hayat National Hospital guarantees you and your family members the best medical, diagnostic and therapeutic services in the hospital with super and timely health care.

Your personal service starts by calling us in advance. Once you arrive and enter our center and our clinics, you will find the comfort, warmth, and attention to your full needs by a highly experienced staff with a bright smile starting with the consultant doctor to the program members, nurses, receptionists, and services. In order to ensure your full care, the program staff will accompany you to the various departments and clinics of the hospital.

The Card Features

  • A consultant doctor specializing in family medicine supervise the Excellence Program Clinic.
  • A comprehensive health program for business men and women and VIPs.
  • Providing medicines and treatments with a detailed explanation of their instructions by a specialized pharmacist within the center in addition to the rapid renewal of treatments and periodic examinations.
  • Quick booking for doctor’s appointments in all specialties, medical and laboratory tests, imaging, and physiotherapy.
  • Hosting services as you can relax, watch TV or read a carefully selected local and international magazines and daily newspapers. The center also provides free parking during your visit.

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