Riyadh CEO's Message

Speech of the executive manager

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful


In the recent years, the health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a great renaissance and qualitative leaps in more than one field until the kingdom of Saudi Arabia became internationally classified within the developed countries in providing the integrated health care that matches the best health systems in the world, as the technical progress and the electronic dealing became an urgent need in this age.

Najd Consulting Hospital, as the other health institutions in the Kingdom, seeks to keep up with this progress and advancement in the service provided to citizens and residents, reduce the burden and maintain time. In preparation for the transition to work by the electronic government under this great support from the wise government, we will work through this website so that the users of this site can complete all their procedures and requirements from the hospital, especially the patients' services, appointments coordination and referrals directly without the need for attendance. Moreover, the hospital's employees will be able to reduce the need for paper handling and benefit from their times through completing all their rights from their work places without the need for going to any other office.

In conclusion, we hope this site to be an extension to the progress plans for advancing the service provided to the patients and their families. We ask Allah, The Almighty, to grant success to everyone in what He loves and is pleased with.


Mr./ Yahya Al-Qahtani

Executive manager

Al-Hayah National Hospital- Riyadh