The Quality Department is considered of the main departments in the hospital because of its clear effect on all the administrative and medical departments in the hospital, since it always seeks, in cooperation with all the departments, to adhere to the international and local quality standards in order to provide a distinct and safe service for clients and work to continuously develop the level of the service provided.

Accreditation certificates:

Accreditation certificate of the Saudi Center for accrediting the health facilities as one of the first ten hospitals obtaining the center accreditation (third edition)

Accreditation certificate of the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Speech of the quality manager:

Quality Management Department follows-up and analyzes the hospital's statistics and works with the other departments to determine projects for improving the service provided to the patients according to these statistics. It also works to enhance communication and cooperation between all the hospital members to reach the decisions that serve the patients and workers' interest.

Furthermore, Quality Management Department motivates all employees to express their views freely regarding the opportunities for improving the services provided to the patients and adherence to the international standards in providing the health service, as all that is reflected on the level of the health service provided, so, a safe and satisfactory service is provided to the patients for helping in providing a distinct health care for our patients.