Patients Relations

Patients' affairs


The Patients' Affairs Department is considered the link between the patients, clients and the hospital administration. Its location was chosen in a distinct place in the first floor in the hospital, since it is considered the fulcrum that coordinates between the in-patient departments, the outpatient clinics, emergency departments and the different hospital departments.

Office for entry and exit

This department introduces the patients for whom appointments has been pre-determined for their stay by the physicians in the specialized clinics in addition to patient's stay through the emergency departments, taking into consideration the right for treatment and validity of their medical files.

Medical Reports Department

This department follows-up the medical reports of the inpatients as well as the persons  injured in traffic accidents, reports the newborns in the hospital and completes the dealings with the health affairs. It also gives the leaves reports to the employees in the government sector based on the instructions of the employee's physician.

The Records Department receives the patients' files through the system in a systematic manner, as they are issued to the clinics and recovered.

The most important services:

Saving the patients' information.

Updating the patients' data.

Keeping the confidentiality of the patient's information.

Issuing, releasing and recovering the patient's medical record.

Translation Department

This department is concerned with translating the medical reports issued by the physicians and reporting the medical recommendations mentioned in them to be given to the patient to be able to submit them to the competent authorities, whether the work authorities or other ones.

Social Service Department

This department includes a number of social specialists and psychologists who are qualified with the appropriate scientific qualification and their basic mission is to help the physicians in examining the patients' social and psychological aspects and trying to solve the problems that may face the patients and their families and to coordinate between the physicians, charities, and social care centers, especially for patients with cancer diseases, heart diseases, and patients with special needs.

Patient Relations Department

Once you enter for staying in Al-Hayah National Hospital, the representatives of the Patient Relations Department will visit and welcome you and will adequately explain your rights and duties during your stay, and also will revisit you every day to make sure your requests are met and seek your opinions on the services provided and, through them, you can express any complaint or suggestion regarding all the services provided by the hospital.

This department provides the necessary assistance to all the inpatients and the clients of the outpatient clinics. It is also considered the link between the physicians and patients on one hand and the Patients' Affairs Department on the other hand. Its main mission is trying to solve and end all the patients' problems that may occur in the manner that satisfies the patient as not inconsistent with the system and laws of work in the hospital.