Marketing and Public Relation

For insurance companies

      The hospital is considered an experienced pioneer with a good reputation in the field of medical insurance over the course of fifteen years. And also an important reference in the field of health insurance to be referred to in all fields.

The hospital offers complete medical services through a group of methods and direct/indirect contracts as follows:

  • All operating insurance companies in the kingdom sign with the hospital to offer medical services to its clients. The hospital a Main Provider for all featured companies such as,(Al-Tawuniya insurance company, Bupa middle east, Medgulf, and others). There are more than 14 insurance companies signed with the hospital.
  • Some private companies(such as, the electricity company, Aramco, national organization for social insurance, and others) sign with the hospital directly to offer direct medical service to their employees with an insurance go-between.
  • The hospital also offers its services at very discounted prices to many charitable, humanitarian, and social organizations, and voluntary foundations to help them with their charitable work.
  • (A national program): the hospital also offers its medical services to many governmental organizations and institutions directly with cash payment and giving appropriate discounts for those not covered by insurance.
  • All these entities are contracted by offering the hospital a contract and all details, terms of contract, payment method, list of services, and the different prices. The hospital does not require any financial guarantees except for making sure there is a license from the Cooperative Health Insurance Council to practice health insurance business.

For insurance companies desiring to sign with Al-Hayat National Hospital, contact Al-Inma Company for Medical Services, marketing department office.

A list of names of insurance and claims management companies dealing with Al-Hayat National Hospital:

Insurance companies

  1. Al-Tawuniya
  2. Bupa Arabia
  3. Medgulf/Medivisa
  4. AXA Insurance
  5. SAICO
  6. Gulf Union
  7. Arabian Shield
  8. Takaful Al Rajhi
  9. Malath Insurance

Claims management companies

  1. Labas
  2. Seham
  3. MedNet
  4. Saudi NEXtcare
  5. GlobeMed
  6. Total Care

We hope our honorable patients-who are insured by one the insurance companies- will bring their valid insurance card in addition to ID, and we also hope that they comply to the conditions and regulations of the insurance policy.