Jeezan CEO's Message


Hayat National Hospital in Jazan is one of the modern landmarks in the city of Jazan. It is located in the central region and near the Red Sea Coast and the Principality of Jazan region. The hospital was established on the latest standards of building of health facilities and was opened in 2013 AD.

          The hospital includes all medical specialties and assistance medical specialties and seeks to provide high quality medical service, taking into account all ways of safety. It is also concerned with society service and community participation. Under the great message upon the hospital and under the auspices of Al-Inmaa Company for Medical Services, it continuously seeks to cope with continuous development in the provision of medical services and care in various specialties. To achieve this, the hospital has worked with full capacity of (120) beds, medical competencies, and equipment.

          Finally, what distinguishes us in Hayat National Hospital in Jazan is our consistent pursuit to satisfy the satisfaction of customers and patients and provide safe health and treatment services according to international standards, as we’re in the process of obtaining the International Accreditation Certificate (GCI) and then, with God willing, the National Accreditation Certificate (CBAHI).


Dr./ Mohammed Al – Shamrani.

Executive Director

Hayat National Hospital- Jazan.