Inpatient Instructions

Hospital admission and discharge

        If your treatment requires hospital stay, there are procedures for hospital stay according to the department through which the request is made.


Admission in cases of emergency

        Hospital stay may be due to a surgery or an emergency medical condition, in this case, it is better for the patient to be accompanied by a family member or a friend as they can help us obtain the private data of the history of the disease and the circumstances surrounding his/her emergency status, that is why it is necessary for them to be there for legal and administrative purposes.


Voluntary admission

        Voluntary admission is prepared for in advance as the patient is admitted to the hospital by choice, if late admission is not life-threatening or until an empty bed is available. This way allows pre-admission examinations, case evaluation, calculation of costs, obtaining approval and schedule an operation room and a bed. The patient can pay in cash or via prepaid card through the insurance company if he/she is insured.


According-to-payment patient categories

Cash-paying patients, the patient or a representative pays a deposit when signing the contract that he is paying for the treatment in cash.

Later-paying patients, this option is available if there is a treatment coverage by the employer or sponsor at Al-Hayat National Hospital, in case he has a valid agreement with the hospital. This category requires approval prior to the patient’s admission.

Patients who pay through insurance, this option is applied when the patient’s hospital treatment is covered by insurance companies which have a valid contract with the hospital. This category also requires prior approval, and information can be obtained from the hospital’s corporate section, the ones that have contract with the hospital.


The patient’s admission through health affairs transference

        Al-Hayat National Hospital is considered one the qualified hospitals to receive critical cases who do not have a place in government hospitals, the hospital’s contract with the ministry of health to receive transferred cases admitted under a transfer letter from emergency management in health affairs.


Pre-hospital stay

When a patient is scheduled for stay, there is a number of procedures the hospital does:

First the hospital’s competent employee checks the validity of the insurance and also seeks the approval of the employer, the sponsor or the insurance company to pay for the stay and treatment. The employee will contact the patient or one of his/her relatives if there is any, if there are any queries or issues related to insurance.

Hospital stay:

During your stay at the hospital, you stay in a shared or a private room, which has all means of comfort, and we will do our best to meet your need.



        Nutrition services of in-patients include types of food and beverages, and any patient can ask for menus recommended by his doctor according to his medical needs, also there are meals for approved companions.
Here, we would like to indicate that a patient is not allowed to bring electric kettle for the sake of safety.


What should be brought

        Al-Hayat National Hospital has prepared the rooms carefully to make you comfortable while staying at the hospital, you will only to bring a few things such as, your current medications (do not bring any medications into the hospital if not instructed by the doctor). You also have to bring your private belongings such as, a robe, a non-slippery home shoes, sleepwear, underwear and books for reading if you need them, the hospital will provide you with a hospital gown. Valuable belongings like jewelry or credit cards or large amounts of money should not be brought into the hospital as the responsibility of losing them falls on the patient.



        Discharge from Al-Al-Hayat National Hospital is not less important than admission, so the competent employee follows the best ways to complete the discharge procedures. There are certain things to be considered before discharge:

v Discuss with the specialist or the nurse-if necessary-about any services or, supplies or equipment required at home after discharge.

v Listen carefully to the instructions given by the doctor regarding medications before going home. They can be obtained from the hospital’s pharmacy, or you may ask more questions to understand the doses and the side-effects.


Discharge day

        The doctor or the nurse will inform you of the possible discharge date, and it is better for the companion to arrive an hour before the discharge to help finish necessary arrangements.


        If the bill is agreed to be paid by the employer or insurance company and prior approval for admission and treatment has been received, then the hospital demands payment according to these facts. But if the bill is to be paid in cash, the full amount must be paid before discharge. And in case the employer or the insurance company does not pay for certain treatments, then the patient will be directly asked to pay for them the discharge time, as the hospital interfere in these exceptions with the insurance companies nor employers. If the patient wishes to inquire about anything related to the bill, he/she can refer to patient accounting department in the hospital’s main lobby.

Arrival at the hospital

Al-Hayat National Hospital

Phone: 01-4455555

Fax: 01-4455024

The hospital’s parking areas-surrounding it from 3 directions- are available for all visitors.


Location of the hospital

Eastern Ring Road-EXIT 14

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