Dealing with Patients

Upon arrival:

             You may have arrived at Al-Hayat National Hospital by car or ambulance and maybe it is an emergency. In any case, a bed and an excellent team of health care givers and patients care unit will be available. When you reach your room, your nurse will go through some important information with you and your family. Kindly provide the health care team with full and accurate information to receive best care according to your need. All comfort and safety requirements are available in your room. Please do not leave your room before informing the responsible nurse of the place you want to go as your presence may be required.

The rooms:

        You are directed to the proper room of the medical department where your treatment takes place, to be under the supervision of your attending physician. The rooms are surrounded with great attention to protect patients from infection and other factors.

The bed:

        The nursing team will show you how to lift and lower the bed. Kindly do not leave the bed, unless advised the doctor or the nurse. Your bed must be in the low position when you climb to or get out of it.

Calling the nurse:

      For your comfort, we provided nurse call system in the rooms, on the wall above the bed. When the nurse call light is pressed, one of the nurses will come to your room to help you.

The television:

        Rooms are fitted with a TV. For the sake of everyone’s tranquility and comfort, patient are advised to keep the volume of the TV at its lowest.

The phone:

        You can make local calls or call cell phones from the hospital’s phone, only in case of extreme necessity and the service’s availability at the same time, and that is by pressing (0) to call the central first then call the number you want to call.

Wireless internet:

        There is an ongoing study for a certain mechanism to provide this service soon through the hospital’s computer section and placing regulations for it.


        For your comfort, the hospital’s room temperature is controlled through a central air conditioning system depending on temperature and humidity, as appropriate for patients.


As Al-Hayat National Hospital’s patient you must:

  • Provide the attending physician with accurate and complete information about your health condition.
  • Provide accurate and complete personal information, including: your full name, address, phone and ID numbers, and health insurance.
  • Ask the doctor for explanation of any information about your condition and treatment plan, and participate in the decision making.
  • Maintain punctuality and come to the hospital on time, and if kindly give a call in advance if you are not coming according to the scheduled appointment.
  • Leave your valuables at home and bring only the necessary things with you.
  • Adhere to the policies and regulations of the hospital(such as, no smoking).
  • Be punctual and considerate to visitation’s times and etiquette to maintain the rights and comfort of other patients.
  • Commit to pay any dues in time.