Community Education Center

Community education center

        Offering educational services for the patients and their families, and the community to enhance their health information, and spread awareness and concern for healthy behaviors to achieve stable life.

Including the individual patient education activities, in addition to group education in the lecture hall, which includes several kinds of diseases such as, diabetes, Osteoporosis….etc., in addition to women diseases.

Activities also include medical days like women breast cancer awareness day.

In addition to printing educational leaflets for patients and participating in many social awareness programs.

The center offers services through:

The audiovisual laboratory: where audio-visual equipment and internet resources are used in the patient’s educational process.

Patients library: which receives all visitors (patients and their families, community members, and staff).

The hall: educational courses for the interested group of patients.

Facilities of the center: the center includes:

Health education official:

        You get to know about your health and understand medical circumstances to help you make better decisions about your care and deal better with illness. This is our goal to enhance education and provide the available suitable and useful health information.

Diabetics education official: offers information about diabetes management, assuring the importance of individual care and enabling the patient through educating people how to better manage their condition. The center’s programs focus on helping patients and making more consistent and appropriate adjustments in treatment, lifestyle, in addition to learning behavioral skills, including:

  1. Observing blood sugar and how to deal with sick days.
  2. How to treat diabetes while traveling.
  3. How to recognize and treat low or high blood sugar.
  4. How to start an intensive diabetes program or use insulin pump and other new technologies.

Respiratory system clinic and pediatric clinic for education: available in AIRS unit, while educators help families become more educated about children’s medical condition.

Breastfeeding clinic: in the budget, a program to support breastfeeding and new services for mothers and families who choose breastfeeding. Breastfeeding certified by educators who offer breastfeeding education, advice and support to make breastfeeding a rewarding experience for the mother and the child.