Chairman Message

Speech of the General Manager of Al-Enma Medical Services Company

 The mission held by the cadres of Al-Hayah National Hospital imposes on us accuracy in choosing the medical and administrative staff so as to be at the highest scientific and technical levels in order to be able to achieve the desired goals according to the strategic plans set for that which in its entirety aim at raising the level of the medical services in the private sector depending on the modern scientific bases through implementing the highest international quality and safety systems and moving on in the programs of international accreditation of our health facilities.

Our role in the private health sector is not only confined to what has been mentioned, it is our national role and our sense of responsibility towards our society that we pay attention to the role of the private health sector in educating and raising awareness of the community regarding the health problems and diseases that may have a negative role in the path of the development plans in the Kingdom. Our hospitals have had a positive and effective role in achieving that through holding the awareness lectures and seminars and the field visits to the different bodies, institutions and companies for activating the humanitarian mission of the health sector.


Our regards

Dr. Fawzya Mohamed Al Gar Allah


General Manager

Al-Enma Medical Services Company

Ph.D. in Allergy and Immunology - Canada

Ph.D. in Pediatrics – Canada

Master of Hospital Management - Ireland