Heart Catheter Unit

Heart Catheterization Unit

          With praise to Allah, diagnostic and therapeutic heart catheterization is opened with expansion of arteries and stents composition.

          The unit also includes advanced catheterization lab which enables doctors to accurately diagnose all types of heart diseases, in addition to axial tomography device for blood vessels.

          Division of heart and blood vessels at Al-Hayat national hospital deals with the treatment of heart and arteries diseases by integrated method which includes prevention, early diagnosis and therapy according to international guidelines. In heart division, modern techniques in diagnosis are provided, including four-dimensional sound imaging and CT scan of heart arteries, in addition to devices of stress testing and recording pressure and heart pulses. By advanced devices, we can detect heart and arteries diseases early before any clots or status criticus.

  • Intensive care for the treatment and follow-up heart status criticus.
  • Cases of shortness in heart coronaries, such as infarct of myocardium, clot and angina medication.