Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Unit

Department of rheumatism and rehabilitation


Stemming from our desire to provide all medical services with integrated system at Al-Hayat National Hospital, we have established rheumatism clinic to diagnose, treat and follow-up chronic rheumatic disorders and all diseases affecting the joints, bones and muscles. The Department of Rheumatology treats patients who are suffering from common problems such as autoimmune diseases of connective tissue and soft tissue rheumatism.


The treatment of these diseases involve the following:

  • All types of Arthritis
    (Rheumatoid arthritis) - osteoarthritis of the knee - due to psoriasis - infectious arthritis).
  • Gout.
  • Scleroderma (topical).
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of spine.
  • Lupus erythematosus.
  • Vertebrate arthritis.
  • Vascular inflammation.

The department uses the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment such as:

  • Local injection of joints and tendons.
  • Use of modern biologic therapy for rheumatism.
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
  • Diagram of nerves and muscles
  • Rehabilitation after various injuries (fractures - operations).
  • Integrated physiotherapy department equipped with the latest equipments.
  • Special hall for exercise and slimming.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation department:


        Inclusive physical therapy and rehabilitation department at Al-Hayat National Hospital is one of the most advanced departments of its kind in KSA.

This department has its share of the latest and most effective medical devices to perform its diagnostic and treatment functions. We cannot overlook the crucial role of physical therapy due to its close association to other medical departments as a branch of biomedicine using natural non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical methods, where some doctors from other departments such as, orthopedic and neurology, transfer a number of cases to physical therapy, in addition to guests and visitors transferred from other hospitals.


The department offers physical therapy services for various diseases, including:

  • Rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurology patient cases, neurosurgery and spinal surgery of all ages.
  • Rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders such as, paraplegia and quadriplegia and seventh nerve cases.
  • Bell’s palsy, peripheral therapy and muscular dystrophy diseases.
  • Vascular disorder and respiratory diseases.
  • Rehabilitation of patients with back, nick and vertebrae pains.
  • Physical and compensatory therapy.
  • Rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
  • Rehabilitation of heart patients.


The department depends on modern technological methods in the field of thermal, electro, kinetic energy, and physical therapy, and also provides its visitors with the highest degrees of care and attention through specialized and highly qualified medical staff, where male physical therapists and  assistants work in the male section which includes therapy rooms and a gym lounge, and female therapists and assistants in the female section which includes multiple therapy rooms and a gym lounge.

  • Diathermy devices
  • Ultraviolet devices
  • Stimulation Devices
  • Flashing waves
  • Electric current producing devices
  • Electric induction devices
  • And big variety of help options in fitness and weight loss programs.