Plastic Surgery Unit

Plastic Surgery Department

In Al-Hayah National Hospital, very distinct services are offered in the plastic surgery operations, as the medical staff is able to perform all surgeries in the cosmetic field according to the latest therapeutic methods that include the whole body from head to toe, in addition to cooperation between the department and the other departments in order to improve functions and care about the aesthetic aspect.

In the department, the following operations are conducted:

Treatment of hands and feet problems

  • Treatment of injuries caused by accidents.
  • Nerves and tumors.
  • Joints replacement.
  • Congenital defects.

Head and neck / skull

  • Remedy of injuries that afflict the face (skull) due to accidents.
  • Remedy of any head or neck malformations.

(Area of face, ear, eye, eyelashes, lip, nose and any other areas)

  • Remedy of face malformations or congenital defects of birth.
  • Facial surgery and forehead lift.
  • Beautification and modification of ear.

Treatment of burns and remedy of malformations

Now we became able to get rid of the effects of burns and perform plastic surgeries for improving and correcting malformations.

Trunk and lower limbs

  • Reshaping abdomen and chest.
  • Reshaping breast.
  • Beautifying the lower parts.
  • Treatment of chest and trunk malformations.

Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Face and forehead lift and wrinkles removal.
  • Operation of beautifying and correcting the nose.
  • Ear plastic surgery.

Body formatting:

  • Liposuction (VASER, Laser, Microair, Cool).
  • Tummy tuck.
  • Breast beautification.
  • Buttocks beautification.
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Dr. Hani Mahmoud Ismail
Plastic Surgery Unit
Dr. Mahmoud Abu Ali
Plastic Surgery Unit