Bariatric Surgery Unit

Obesity Surgery Unit

          At Al-Hayah National Hospital in Riyadh, we’re proud to provide specialized health services that meet to community needs. To meet the increased demand for obesity surgery and weight loss, Al-Enmaa company for medical services has been established. This unit which provides different and integrated solutions suit all cases.

As its services include:

  1. Surgical treatment as obesity surgery.
  2. Cosmetic surgery by high professionals who have long experience in performing different obesity surgeries.
  3. We also provide programs for weight loss through innovative natural solutions supervised by specialists who have expertise in nutrition.
  4. Athletic and behavioral therapy and provide patients with rehabilitation and follow- up before, during and after treatment.

          Obesity surgery unit in Al-Hayah National Hospital in Riyadh is one of the latest specialized medical units in private sector.

          It provides comprehensive solutions for the treatment of obesity based on the provision of integrated methods that include nutrition, behavioral and athletic therapy, in addition to surgical options to eliminate overweight and obesity. Moreover, it provides health care which consistent with European recommendations in this regard.

          There is a great custom to cope with technological development in the treatment of obesity, where the unit provides to its auditors the skillful medical team.

          In obesity treatment unit, there is highly qualified and experienced team in this field and is extensively trained to cope with the latest medical updates in diagnosis and treatment of obesity.


Liposuction and Obesity Treatment

Al-Hayah National Hospital provided, in the Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Department, integrated units that provide comprehensive programs for skin, hair, and complexion care, in addition to attracting efficiencies with high experience and skill who use the latest techniques and devices secured specially for this purpose.

Unit of laser liposuction

The latest laser device for fats dissolving, liposuction and skin tightening without pain under local anesthesia, and it is often conducted in one session for medium fat. This operation is characterized by that the patient can do his work or live his normal life after the operation. This technology also has other features such as body sculpting for medium weights which is one of the most common procedures due to its good results.

Unit of Ultrasound liposuction and skin tightening

It is considered a secure method for liposuction in large quantities from the body and skin tightening through the ultrasound which works on fat dissolving and re-suction outside the body. It is considered an easy operation with high technology. Often, these operation are conducted under local or general anesthesia according to the area and the quantity of fats to be suctioned and they are determined after the physician diagnosis.

Unit of skin tightening without surgery

The latest technology to treat wrinkles and tighten the loose skin in face and body without injection or surgery. It treats body flabbiness, especially after childbirth or after weight loss (diet).

French Injection (Mesotherapy)

Superficial subcutaneous injection for removing cellulite and skin flabbiness to treat cases of hair loss and renew and freshen the skin. It is an easy procedure with effective results.

Beauty programs for pregnant women and postpartum:

  • Sessions for body tightening with safe natural materials.
  • Sessions for tummy tuck and buttocks slimming.
  • Sessions for breast lift.