Pharmacy Department


In Al-Hayat National Hospital, pharmacy department is considered the Safety valve and the last stop in the chain of drug access steps safely to the patient, and given the importance of medicine and to provide the best pharmaceutical care services for patients. The hospital has appointed a team of qualified pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians with long experience, who are applying the latest international standards to provide safe and efficient care to achieve the results desired from health care system and paying attention to patients and meeting their needs.



Providing pharmaceutical care for all patients and staff in timely and efficient manner.



  • The goal of the pharmacy department is to provide effective services to both the patient and healthcare providers. While providing service to the patient, the goal of the pharmacy is to ensure that the patient receives the right and appropriate treatment with advice for how to take the drugs.
  • For health care providers, clinical pharmacy provides timely information related to medicines.

Pharmacy provides the following services:


The Department of Pharmacy Services always seeks to assist patients of Al-Hayat National Hospital to obtain products and services that they cannot obtain elsewhere. More efforts are being made to improve the patient's medical care through good use and to provide an adequate explanation of the methods of drug use.

  • Providing Outpatient medical services, providing everything that makes it easier for them to obtain medication in a precise manner, and providing all required information in writing in accordance with professional principles.
  •  Serve inpatients and meet all the needs determined by medical and surgical phenomena, while providing everything possible to make the process of drug’s disbursement and delivery is done with the utmost accurate and scientific manner.
  • Providing medical and pharmacological information to medical and other hospital staff, contributing to the service of an online doctor, and participating in scientific activities.
  • Preparation of sterile solutions and therapeutic droplets.
  • Control the disbursement of restricted and controlled medicines.
  •  Follow-up the insurance, disbursement, distribution and consumption of medicines.
  • Monitor  procedures of dealing with drugs which date of validity is approaching.
  • To contribute in the safety of patients through the application of international standards.

Pharmacy services for hospitaized inpatient

This unit provides service to all patients in the hospital and emergency 24 hours, and is responsible for protecting the medical instructions and files for patients in the pharmacy information system. Pharmacies of Al-Hayat National Hospital provides their services 24 hours and they include the following:

  • Mother and Child Care Products.
  •  Blood pressure tests, blood glucose monitors and urine and blood test strips.
  • Prescribed and non-prescribed medicines.
  • Surgical equipment and first aid.
  • Vitamins.
  • Cosmetics.