Hypnosis, Operations and Care

Internal sections and suites:

      Stay sections were designed with a capacity of 160 beds, rooms and suits were designed and furnished to guarantee patients’ satisfaction and fulfill their wishes of a stay at the highest standards of luxury and comfort, and application of the highest standards of quality and safety. Taking into account that nursing and hotel services are at the highest level where you find all the employees providing medical services in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

The hospital was expanded in 2017 with a capacity of 40 new beds.


  • Intensive care unit (adults - children).
  • Intensive care unit for newborns, premature and preterm children.
  • Intermediate care unit (adults - children).
  • Long stay unit (adults - children).
  • Women and Obstetrics stay suits.
  • Children stay suits.
  • Surgery stay suits (men and women).
  • Internal diseases suits (men and women).

We also took care of the quality of design and used chromo therapy technique in decoration and colors, and took into account diversity in room furnishing to meet the needs of society according to the latest international standards for quality and patient safety.


  • Royal suits.
  • Specialty suits.
  • Specialty single rooms.
  • Single rooms.
  • Double rooms.


Intensive care

          The intensive care unit is equipped with the latest medical and technological equipment according to recommendations of the American Association Intensive Care Rooms. The unit has a group beds specialized for general care and others for heart patients equipped with the latest internationally-recommended control systems and respirators. In the ICU, we have nursing services where every patient has a nursing card, and also respirators and ventilators which can observe central venous pressure, ECG, and all vital organs around the clock.

Intensive care department work hard to apply the highest quality and safety standards in patient care with a highly trained and experienced medical staff as they provide the following services:

  • Measuring the patient’s awareness and respiratory functions, and regularly observing vital organs.
  • Making and execute proper treatment plans for each case, and observing patients to achieve the best results.
  • All other clinical and treatment services which guarantee efficient treatment and speedy recovery God wills.
  • Observing quality and effectiveness nursing services performance.
  • Respirators.


Extended care unit


        The hospital recently set up this unit, which includes a number of equipped beds, especially for the patients in nursing services, care and rehabilitation that are not available in standard rooms.

The unit is managed highly qualified intensive care experts, and a group of specialist male and female nurses 24 hours a day.


This unit also provides care for patients from:

  • Geriatric diseases.
  • Disruption of consciousness with a medically stable level.
  • Patients qualified for intensive care discharge, but cannot return home due to the lack of the special care they need.


Pain Treatment Unit

This unit is affiliated to the Department of Anesthesia and pain clinics in Al-Hayah National Hospital. It treats the pain cases by the latest scientific methods such as laser therapy, phototherapy, magnetic field therapy, local anesthesia of the nerves, Chinese acupressure, ultrasound therapy, and Chemical analysis therapy. The pain clinic also treats some other cases such as weight loss, neuropsychiatric treatment, rehabilitation and physical therapy.


Cases treated in the clinic:

Chronic headache - Chronic back and neck pain.

Severe and moderate joints and bones' pains.

Severe and chronic muscle pains and neuropathy.

Playground injuries and others.

Postoperative pain.

Chronic diseases pains (Herpes, Gout, Tumors' pain, Sciatica).


Anesthesia Division And Operating Room

            Operating room in the hospital was equipped with seven operating rooms that work around the clock to receive all simple and complex operations with anesthesia team composed of consultants and specialists who have the necessary skill and competence to deal with difficult cases exposed to them daily. Operating rooms are supported with recovery and intensive care unit equipped with the latest devices and techniques to perform small, medium and large surgical operations efficiently.

            The latest anesthesia devices are provided from American General Electric Company (GE) that show all information about patient. It enables anesthesiologist to make accurate and continuous follow-up during operation performing. Modern drugs with low- complications and short acting that reduce risk in anesthesia are used.

            Walls and floors have been isolated with antibacterial and microbial materials and equipped with high quality air filters according to the specifications of American National Institute for measures and standards. There is a system for removing excess anesthetic gases and isolation system from the outside air to the operating room and operation tools are used only once.

            Operating rooms are equipped with filtration systems with rate about (99.98 %) which will prevent infections and prevent Vecture from patient to another and caring with continuous sterilization. It’s equipped with electronic work system and connected to radiation division, where it was provided with two screens, the first to display patient’s file and the other to show all steps of the operation which allowing follow-up to surgical team.


Division of neonates and Pediatric unit

The division is prepared to treat with all medical problems for neonates and Embryonic children (Premature Infants), as it contains (20)modern pediatric unit equipped with artificial respiration and work for (24) hours under the supervision of consultants and specialists trained to treat with difficult cases and provide the best and latest methods in treatment and following- up.