Radiology division is one of the necessary divisions which is always developed with everything new in medicine and diagnosis in order to apply the highest standards of quality and safety in diagnosis and ensure accuracy and quality of services, so radiation division always considers the recent updates and developments in the field of diagnostic radiology devices. It is distinguished by the achievements of technology in medical imaging which is the best in performance and accurate in results that gave radiation division special and distinctive feature of efficiency in performance and high-quality of services, in addition to scientific and honorable reputation.


        Achieving the highest level of radiation services for patients according to the latest international standards in quality and safety.


  • Teaching/ training: providing basic and advanced training in radiography for Saudi youth as doctors and radiographers timely.
  • Research: implementing different scientific research projects that can help to improve levels of service in the hospital.

Ultrasound Unit (Radiology)

        Radiation division contains four ultrasound devices, in addition to portable devices for the divisions of hypnosis, operations and home visits. These devices are the latest scientific results in the field of ultrasound imaging and the division contains digital tinted ultrasound device.

  • Determining of Kidney Stones, Cholelithiasis, Urethral Calculus and Bladder Stones by sound rays.
  • Diagnosis of venous and arterial clots by tinted Doppler.
  • Following inflated veins in legs with tinted Doppler.
  • Examining the neck veins and arteries by tinted Doppler.
  • Radiology through the anal.
  • Imaging thyroid by tinted Doppler.
  • Sampling by sound rays.
  • Using ultrasound rays on the organs of venter and pelvic.
  • Using ultrasound rays in pregnancy follow-up.
  • Early diagnosis of breast tumors.
  • Radiology on joints and muscles.

Unit Of Normal RadiationAnd Hysterosalpingiogram

  • All types of normal radiations and radiations by tinctures.
  • Diagnosis by normal radiations (all parts of the body).
  • Diagnosis by tinctures (urinary tract, digestive system, salivary glands and fistula).
  • Diagnosis cases of infertility for women through hysterosalpingiogram on the uterus.

Multi- Slides Sectional Tomography: (128) Slides:

  • The fastest.
  • The most obvious.
  • Wide scan with fine sections and the lowest radiation dose.
  • The device provides large diagnostic details with high- speed imaging and the lowest possible radiation dose.

Clinical benefits

  • Performing imaging for the heart and coronary vessels with high clarity and short time and showing the heart with multi- sections and 3D recombination to show a clear image and perform the necessary measures without caustics.
  • Showing anatomical structures of the inner ear very clearly.
  • Imaging  arteries and providing clear and beautiful image, even for very small vessels because of high- tech. used in the device and the ability to perform the following sections:

The unit, also provides

  • All types of CT scan on (brain, head, neck, chest, venter and vertebrae… etc).
  • Diagnosis by CT scan.
  • Diagnosis by CT scan using tinctures.
  • Sampling through CT scan.

Magnetic Resonance Unit

        We provide the latest results of modern science in the field of imaging with magnetic resonance. This device is considered as one of the most important technological pillars to help in accurate diagnosis of patient’s condition. This device can perform:

All types of rays using magnetic resonance on (brain, head and neck, vertebrae, dynamical and sectional device, pelvic, genital system and urinary system… etc).

Diagnosis by magnetic resonance.

Diagnosis by magnetic resonance using tinctures.

Mammography Unit

        This device is based on X-Rays and is dedicated to early detection of breast cancer and by this way; full cure is after its removal.

Bone Densitometer Unit

  • Detecting, diagnosis and treatment of fragilities osmium diseases using direct digital technology.
  • Modern technology for accurate daily calibration which helps in full accuracy of resulting information.
  • High speed, accuracy and high quality in imaging for using direct digital pickup system.
  • Providing full image of the spine and femur without reference to rays unit, as the complementary radiation examination is made on the same device to diagnose fractures accompanied with fragilities osmium.
  • Accurate follow- up to the improvement of bone density during and after treatment.
  • The ability to determine fats rates in different parts of the body related to diabetes, heart and blood vessels diseases.

Images Processing and Archiving

Developed and modern system based on advanced electronic and computerized devices for processing and archiving radiographic images with all information about patients.

The ability to process images by the latest developed digital programs.

The patient obtains the images as laser films printed on CD contained digital files about all information and reports pictures related to the patient.

Very high ability to archive patients for long time with high accuracy using modern equipments, computers and programs about this (PIS & PACKS).


Aseer Hospital
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Eissa