The hospital’s cardiology department treats cardiovascular diseases in an integrated way that includes protection, early diagnosis and treatment according international instructions .. in the department, we provide the latest diagnosis techniques, including 4d ultrasound and heart CT scan in addition to EKG, blood pressure monitoring and heart rate devices. Thanks to advanced we are able to discover cardiovascular diseases before attacks and serious conditions. We also provide cardiac catheterization and all intervention methods such as, expansion of arteries and installation of stents,…etc..


Cardiac catheterization unit

        Done by Allah’s Goodness, the diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheterization together with the expansion of the arteries and installation of stents is opened. The unit also has the advanced catheter lab which enables doctors to give an accurate diagnosis of all heart diseases, in addition to vascular cat scan device.


Cases treated by cardiology department:

  • Intensive care to treat and observe critical heart conditions.
  • Early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases using the latest EKG devices.
  • Hypertension diagnosis, determination of secondary causes, its effect on the heart and describing proper treatment.
  • Diagnosis of heart diseases by normal and exercise ECG.
  • Adjusting blood sugar, fat and cholesterol.
  • Diagnosis of children’s genetic heart diseases and birth defects.
  • Installation of temporary pacemakers.
  • Cases of narrow coronary artery such as, myocardial infarction, heart attack and angina.
  • Cases of cardiac diseases, discovery of cardiac hypertrophy and congestive heart.
  • Cases of rheumatic heart, heart valves diseases(tight or failure) and choosing the right treatment.
  • Arrhythmia(slow, or accelerating, or irregular heartbeat), treating heart palpitations and discovering the causes, cases of endocarditis and pericarditis.
  • Cases in need of anticoagulants.


The department also offers inclusive medical examination programs for early diagnosis of heart diseases, including the following services:-

  • ECG.
  • Chest radiology.
  • Colorectal cardiac ultrasound.
  • Blood sugar testing.
  • Total cholesterol - triglyceride.
  • Low density cholesterol(malign type).
  • High density cholesterol(useful type).
  • Kidney functions and blood salts.


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Dr. Mohamed Salah Hamouda
Aseer Hospital
Dr. Tarek Al - Jamal
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Dr. Walid Omran