Allergy and Immunology

Allergies and Immunology Unit in Al-Hayat National Hospital is one of the first units opened in the private sector in the Kingdom which is specialized in allergies, chest diseases and immunology.
  The unit aims to provide the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods for chest diseases, asthma and immunology under the supervision of Dr. Fawzia Al-Jarallah,
Allergy and Immunology Consultant for Adults and Children. Allergies unit has gained a high reputation for the wide range of cases which were referred to it in addition to the positive results which were achieved during the past years.

The unit performs the tests of lungs functions and allergies’ tests.


Allergies treatment and immunology Unit

  • Diagnosis and treatment of bronchial allergies and chronic and seasonal asthma.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of seasonal and chronic nose and eye allergies for adults and children.
  • Treatment of food, medicines and insects’ bites allergies.
  • Tests of skin allergies by using puncture and patching.
  • Vaccinations against allergy using sublingual serums.
  • Treating severe asthma cases. Using Zolair.
  • Allergy tests by blood.
  • Pulmonary function testing to evaluate lung function and the measurement of the concentration of nitrogen oxide in the trachea with the latest devices and methods.


Riyadh Hospital
Dr. Fawzia Al-Jarallah
Allergy and Immunology