Urology Surgery



        Urology and kidneys department is considered one of the most effective departments, it offers general and specialized treatments and includes a team of highly experienced and efficient consultants to provide safe health care using the latest advanced methods of treatment. The department also cooperates with surgery department to offer effective facilities for in-patients and mobile emergency care. We provide treatment for the following cases in the department:-


What distinguishes us:


Urology and kidneys treatment unit

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic urinary tract diseases and infections.
  • Women and children urinary reflux and incontinence.
  • Blood PH level disorders.
  • Blood salt disorders.
  • Care for diabetic nephropathy patients.
  • Evaluation and treatment of acid or base imbalance or both.
  • Diagnosis and treatment renal osteodystrophy.
  • Diagnosis and observing secondary and primary hypertension.
  • Evaluation and care of chronic kidney disease(CKD) and advanced real failure.


Hemodialysis unit

  • Care for renal thrombosis patients.
  • Pre-dialysis care.
  • Blood and perfusion.
  • Evaluation and care for renal failure patients.


Nephrolithiasis and urinary tract treatment unit

Diagnosis and treatment of nephrolithiasis, ureterolithiasis and cystolithiasis with endoscope.

Lithotripsy department.

The department also offers advanced treatment methods for ureterolithiasis as it has two of the latest ultrasound lithotripsy devices. This method is features the use of local anesthetic and not needing any exploratory surgeries.


Andrology and male infertility


Diagnosis and treatment of andrology and erectile dysfunction diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis cases.

Diagnosis and treatment of prostatic hyperplasia by endoscopes and surgical incision.

Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.

Urethral narrowness and benign prostatic hyperplasia.


Children urology


Diagnosis and treatment of children urology cases.

Urinary reflux and incontinence.

Children urethral stricture.

Children undescended testicle and congenital inguinal hernia.

Children congenital defects of the bladder, ureter and kidney.


Advanced urologic surgery unit


Diagnosis and treatment of kidney and bladder tumors.

Urethra expanding.

Kidney and bladder excision.

Urinary diversion.

Prostate electro vaporization.

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Dr. Osama Ahmed Al-Mansour
Urology Surgery
Aseer Hospital
Dr. Mahmoud Fawzi
Urology Surgery
Jeezan Hospital
Dr. Ahmed Hani
Urology Surgery
Dr. Mohamed Mustafa
Urology Surgery
Dr. Abdulnabi Al Dahshan
Urology Surgery