Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery

        In our belief that specialty is the best way to raise the quality level of health care, orthopedic and spine surgery department at Al-Hayat National Hospital is considered one of the best orthopedic surgery centers in the kingdom as it was supported by medical competencies in all orthopedic specialties from American and Canadian board campaigns and European fellowships.

We are distinguished with a medical staff offering specialized medical services for some special orthopedic surgeries, we also seek to follow the latest surgical methods in all surgeries, especially joint replacement, cruciate ligament and spinal disc herniation surgeries.


What distinguishes us?

The department includes specialized units in all orthopedic specialties such as, sports injuries, spine surgery and child orthopedics, in addition to an integrated unit for joint replacement, the hospital offers its services to critical and emergency cases around the clock, through equipped ambulances, a blood bank and also a complete team of periodically-qualified consultants, technicians and nurses to provide the best care.

Surgical endoscopy

Diagnostic and therapeutic joint endoscopy surgeries.


Joint replacement

Joint replacement surgeries, especially the knee or the hip are some of the most successful surgeries in the kingdom, the hospital gave special attention to this specialty where the best and the finest joints are available to keep up with the patient’s life requirements to enable him/her to pray and kneel and carry out his/her daily activities.


Sports medicine

The hospital attracted specialized international competencies to perform all sports injury surgeries such as, reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, ligament tearing and knee endoscopy.


Spine surgeries


Innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods for spinal disc herniation spinal deformities, modern non-surgical techniques for lumbago as well as spinal surgeries under local anesthesia using endoscope.


Physical therapy


Our physical therapy department features various equipment and high privacy for its in-patients through separate female and male sections and high quality professional services. There are special laser treatment devices to treat acute tendinitis, ultra-action device to pull back and neck vertebrae, electro-ultrasound devices to treat arthritis, strengthen the muscles and reduce pain, knee joint moving devices.


Child orthopedics unit


In this unit, children receive inclusive care by scientific specialized competencies in this field, as they provide accurate and rapid diagnostic and therapeutic services for children’s mobility disabilities, congenital dislocation, clubfoot, birth defects, newborns hand and foot defects and child spinal problems.


The department also treats the following cases

  • All minor and disintegrated fractions, external installers.
  • All muscle and tendon injuries.
  • Inflammatory and contusion joint injuries. 
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Orthopaedic Surgery
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