Psychiatry and Neurology

How to deal with mental disease:

This shall begin by presenting the patient to the consultant psychiatrist, overcoming the negative perception of mental illness, and considering it as all the other organic diseases that affect humans, since our noble messenger ordered us with healing medicine in accordance with the teachings of our Islamic religion. There are modern and developed treatments which science proved their effectiveness in healing with God's permission.

Cases that we treat..

  • Hyperactivity with loss of concentration.
  • Learning difficulties.
  • Depression.
  • Mood disorders.
  • Bedwetting.
  • Autism.
  • Behavioral disorders associated with mental retardation.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Personality disorders.
  • Anxiety and excessive nervousness.
  • Cases of fear and panic such as refraining from going to school.

Misconceptions of mental diseases

The social stigma of mental diseases is those wrong beliefs and perceptions surrounding mental disease among the community members which drive many people to request treatment from sheiks and popular therapists when an individual with odd thinking and behavior appears in the family and calls him as bewitched or having demonic possession.

There are misconceptions regarding mental diseases that lead to denying and not acknowledging them, thus, refusing the request for the appropriate treatment from specialists, which makes the patient's state worse or leads to the disease aggravation.  

The most common misconceptions among people about mental diseases


Mental diseases are not but a symptom of a demonic possession or from witchcraft or envy and their treatment is conducted by roquia and sheiks' help.

And the right is that

Mental diseases are not different from the organic diseases, and the organ affected is the nervous system. Symptoms appear in a psychological or organic form. There is nothing wrong with Roquia but with giving the patient the opportunity to have Psychotherapy that proved its effectiveness through researches and studies.


Mental diseases occur to those with weak souls and weak belief in God The Almighty.

And the right is that

Mental diseases are similar to the other matters with which Allah The Almighty experiences His slaves. No human can prevent what may occur to him with the order of his creator such as disease or anything else.


Mental diseases are associated with the severe psychotic states and loss of insight and mental perception.

And the right is that

Mental diseases are diverse and include psychotic diseases with which the therapeutic interventions proved its effectiveness. There are neurological diseases that get better and healed by the drug and psychological therapeutic interventions without the need to enter the mental hospital, instead, they go to the Psychiatry out-patient clinics.


Psychiatric drugs lead to addiction.

And the right is that

Psychiatric drugs treat the chemical defect in the nervous system and do not lead to addiction if given under supervision of the specialist physician. Sometimes, treatment requires long periods of the patient's age, and he may relapse if he stopped treatment just as in the other organic diseases such as pressure and diabetes.

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Dr. Mohamed Hassan
Psychiatry and Neurology