Emergency departments and accident reception center


        Al-Hayat National Hospital emergency department features urgent emergency services where the department is considered the first choice for every person injured in an emergency or critical condition or traffic accidents, so the department’s ability to deal with all cases reflects the hospital’s potentials through precision, speed and efficiency in offering an excellent emergency medical service. From this point, you will find all staff on standby 24 hours a day to meet the needs of patients and relieve their pain.


The department’s capabilities

Responding to emergency.

Pre-admission care.

Specialized health transport services(not restricted to distance).

Hospital transfers.

Newborns intensive care unit to transport babies with dangerous illnesses.

The department also vows to coordinate planning to face mass accidents and disasters.

Medical and paramedic staff are qualified to perform simple and advanced resuscitation first aid.

This is done by a team of doctors, and emergency consultants and specialists. The department is now capable of transporting sick children, heart patients, injury victims, and newborns whereas critical care team is always prepared for long-distance transporting.


Consultants in all specialties


        The hospital features the biggest emergency prepared and equipped department through a number of modern techniques and devices and international highly-qualified consultants specialized in emergency, pediatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, internal medicine, digestive system and others, everyone is on high alert where everyone is prepared to provide the fastest service for the first case that might need medical assistance and surgery.


24/7 Service


        The emergency department has many and varied features which reflect the group’s care for providing health services that satisfy ambition and trust of our in-patients where the department works 24/7 with the latest medical technology provided by specialized consultants.


Around-the-clock pediatric consultant


        The group cared to provide 24/7-present pediatric consultant to deal with such emergencies, where the department functions 24/7 with the latest medical technology offered by specialist consultants in all specialties.


Minimum OR arrival time


        It has been taken into consideration for the emergency department design to be compatible with the function to which it is assigned where it is designed with an engineering system that guarantees flow in motion and minimum time to receive services, where special pathways leading to a special elevator for operation and delivery rooms were customized for critical and urgent cases.


Specialized pediatric emergency unit


        A specialized pediatric emergency unit is provided with consultants working 24 hours a day to offer its services of consultation, diagnosis and treatment at any time. The unit is prepared according to the latest international recommendations to offer fast service with high quality through working competencies and available techniques.


Treating newborns problems


        In pediatric emergency, the following cases are received: children suffering from vomiting, or diarrhea with lack of activity, newborns suffering from fever, older-than-a-year children suffering from fever with no response to antipyretics, breathing difficulties, or when the mother feels her child is not in his normal health condition.


Specialized women emergency department


        As we are keen on providing complete privacy and comfort for our patients, an integrated women emergency department. This department was uniquely prepared with around-the-clock available equipment and medical competencies, where it is keen on providing a distinctive medical service to include all emergency cases and prepared to perform caesarean deliveries if necessary, and also natural deliveries.


Speed and accuracy with electronic files


        The hospital’s dependence on electronic files is an evidence on its leadership, where the attending physician is able to view a detailed report of the patient’s condition, and primary information through past radiology and lab tests and medical history, which saves time and effort, helps speedy diagnosis, and also made a clear difference in treatment.


In-bed radiology


        The patient can also have a group of urgent radiology tests in his bed-without moving-to have an instant electronic image which is considered quality breakthrough in the provided emergency services.


Equipped ambulances


        In addition to that, the department is provided with ambulances(mobile ICU) with a hotline which allows calling a complete team of consultants to prepare for critical cases as the patient is received from the moment he/she arrives by a specialist.


Sophisticated diagnostic and treatment services


        Diagnostic and treatment services are provided for all cases of: tightness or difficulty of breathing, chest and upper abdomen pains, deep and regular wounds, temporary unconsciousness or low awareness level or spasms, traffic accidents and bone injuries, heart problems, severe abdominal pain, also vomiting or continuous diarrhea, burns or subjection to chemical substances, painful or painless pregnant women bleeding, sever and sudden headache.


Equipped hospitals save time and effort


        These are symptoms that may be a result of acute diseases in need of rapid medical interference and cannot be treated in no place other than equipped hospitals with the capability to deal with these cases where they save time and effort for the patient.