Al-Hayat National Hospital provides in the Department of dermatology, cosmetology, hair and skin care a variety of special services which meet all of your needs. The department includes integrated units offering comprehensive programs for the care of skin and hair, in addition to attracting highly experienced and skilled specialists to treat all skin diseases using the latest technologies and devices which are specially designed for this purpose. Operation rooms are also equipped to perform all types of plastic surgeries such as face lifting, breast enlargement and reduction and liposuction with the best methods and with high levels of success and safety.


Department of Cosmetology and hair and skin care

  • Laser hair removal unit.
  • Light hair removal unit.
  • Unit for the Treatment of acne and scares’ effects and the methods of treatment.
  • Skin Softening & Lightening Unit
  • Laser liposuction unit
  • Liposuction unit and skin tightening by ultrasound.
  • Skin lifting without surgery.
  • Laser peeling unit.
  • Laser tattoo removal unit.
  • Unit for treatment of scares’ effects.
  • Unit for treatment of skin cracks
  • Refill injection (cosmetic injection to reshape face).
    • Botox and collagen injections.
    •  French injection (Mesotherapy).
    • Self-fat injection.
  • Hair transplantation unit.
  • Cosmetic programs for pregnant women and postpartum.

Our doctors are prominent in diagnosing and treatment of:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and allergies.
  • Treatment of skin swelling, itching and irritability.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eczema - psoriasis - vitiligo - Lupus disease.
  • Treatment of hair loss and alopecia.
  • Treatment of skin protrusions and abnormal growth.
  •  Freeze skin effusions using liquid nitrogen.
  • Eliminate skin tumors using electrode ironing.
  • Skin biopsy to diagnose rare and intractable skin diseases and benign and cancerous diseases.
  • Department of hair and skin care.


Riyadh Hospital
Dr. Buthaina Mahmoud Al - Khalid
Aseer Hospital
Dr. Amr Mostafa
Jeezan Hospital
Dr. Hanadi Ahmed Amin
Dr. Hussein Montaser