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Extended care unit


        The hospital recently set up this unit, which includes a number of equipped beds, especially for the patients in nursing services, care and rehabilitation that are not available in standard rooms.

The unit is managed highly qualified intensive care experts, and a group of specialist male and female nurses 24 hours a day.


This unit also provides care for patients from:

  • Geriatric diseases.
  • Disruption of consciousness with a medically stable level.
  • Patients qualified for intensive care discharge, but cannot return home due to the lack of the special care they need.


Pain Treatment Unit

This unit is affiliated to the Department of Anesthesia and pain clinics in Al-Hayah National Hospital. It treats the pain cases by the latest scientific methods such as laser therapy, phototherapy, magnetic field therapy, local anesthesia of the nerves, Chinese acupressure, ultrasound therapy, and Chemical analysis therapy. The pain clinic also treats some other cases such as weight loss, neuropsychiatric treatment, rehabilitation and physical therapy.


Cases treated in the clinic:

Chronic headache - Chronic back and neck pain.

Severe and moderate joints and bones' pains.

Severe and chronic muscle pains and neuropathy.

Playground injuries and others.

Postoperative pain.

Chronic diseases pains (Herpes, Gout, Tumors' pain, Sciatica).

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Hypnosis, Operations and Care
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Hypnosis, Operations and Care