Therapeutic Nutrition Clinic at Al-Hayat National Hospital in cooperation with the Medical Education Department provides various systems of diets for heart, liver, diabetes and kidneys’ patients or for those who suffer from thinness. The recommended diet program is proposed by the doctors according to weight control and healthy nutrition through an integrated system. Diet instructions are also provided during pregnancy and nursing, especially for those who suffer from diabetes. In addition, the department organizes health and fitness program in cooperation with the Department of Physiotherapy.


Nutrition and Diets clinics are specialized in providing the following services:-


Complete and daily supervision over diet programs for hospitalized inpatients according to the latest global programs which take into consideration patient’s medical history and patient’s sensitivity towards some types of foods and other measures.

Nutrition specialists are working closely with patients after any surgical procedure or operation to help them to get rid of overweight, in addition to providing consultations before surgery, as well as providing monthly follow-up to assess amount of weight loss and provide psychological and social support.


Different diet programs are also provided according to patient’s needs and cases that need dietary intervention include the following:

  • Patients suffer from Diabetes, kidneys and liver diseases.
  • Patients suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases and high levels of cholesterol.
  • Preparation of diet program for pregnant woman.
  • Preparation of diet program rich in minerals.
  • Diet programs for reducing weight (obesity).
  • Cancer patients.

Clinic plays vital role in medical education and raising awareness among periodic patients in terms of the role of therapeutic nutrition in curing some diseases and protecting from complications that are related to some diseases and reducing its dangers.

Nutrition specialists have wide experience in all types of surgical therapy:

  • Enteroplexy.
  • Gastric stapling
  • Gastric Balloon.