Internal Medicine

A group of highly educated, multi-national doctors with (consultants - specialists) work at the hospital’s department of internal medicine with extensive experience in diagnosis, treatment, and protection. The department also has a specialized unit for nutrition and treating obesity and weight gain problems with the latest treatment and surgical methods in line with the latest international researches for the treatment of these cases.


1- Digestive system diseases:


  • Diagnosis and treatment of upper and lower digestive system, the esophagus, stomach, of the small and large intestines, gallbladder.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases: viral and immunosuppressive liver infections, cirrhosis, Benign and malignant liver tumors with liver sampling and analysis of its alternatives.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the pancreas and bile ducts.
  • Measurement of esophageal acidity for gastro-esophageal reflux disease with acid capsule 24/48 hours.
  • Early diagnosis of digestive, liver and pancreas cancers by tumor markers.
  • Using endoscope to place the feeding tube in the stomach without surgery.
  • Offering comprehensive care for diabetics.
  • Treating diabetes mellitus.
  • Treating gestational and adult diabetes.
  • Diagnoses and treatment of obesity.
  • High blood cholesterol and fats diseases.
  • Different kinds of endocrine diseases.
  • Osteoporosis and vitamin d diseases.
  • Glandular thyroid diseases and disorders of calcium metabolism.
  • (Pituitary and adrenal gland disorders) diagnosis and treatment.


2- Endocrine and diabetes treating unit:

3- General internal medicine:

  • Treatment of dyspepsia, genetic or acquired malabsorption, gluten allergy.
  • Inclusive medical examination.
  • Treatment of (acute and chronic) digestive system disorders.
  • Adult vaccination program.

4- Blood diseases:

  • Diabetes and endocrine department is responsible for providing a wide range of services at a high level of care, often in cooperation with other departments.
  • Blood diseases department treats all blood diseases such as, malignant tumors, leukemia, blood clotting diseases and anemia through specialized care, in addition to cooperating with the blood bank-when needed-for transfusion of blood or its derivatives.


5- Nutrition and obesity treatment unit:

  • Treatment of obesity cases with gastric balloon using endoscope without the need for surgery.
  • Offering services and special nutrition programs (diabetics – obesity – underweight/insufficient weight).
  • Identifying the causes of weight again, and counseling.

1- Diagnostic and therapeutic digestive system endoscope unit:

Examination of upper and lower digestive system by diagnostic endoscope: (esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon, and small intestines).

Examination of upper and lower digestive system by therapeutic endoscope:

To expand narrow colon and esophagus, and heart muscle tightness.

Banding and sclerotherapy of esophageal varices, and removing.

Injecting bleeding gastrointestinal ulcers, treatment of Barrett Esophagus (prior to esophagus cancer).

Early discovery and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers in the early stages by endoscope.

Prolonged constriction of chronic narrowing of the bile ducts and pancreatic ducts.

2- Radiology and MRI unit:

Colon radiology without needing endoscope, using 3d CT scan.

Scanning the digestive system, liver, and pancreas with the latest MRI device.

The department also uses the latest devices, and therapeutic and diagnostic methods to reach the best results in treatment effectively and safely for outpatient clinics and inpatients, and offer consulting services, including:


Riyadh Hospital
Dr. Jehan Georgy
Internal Medicine
Dr. Youmna Kamel Abdullah
Internal Medicine
Aseer Hospital
Dr. Mohamed Mahdi
Internal Medicine
Dr. Mohamed Farrag
Internal Medicine
Dr. Mohamed Mostafa Abed
Internal Medicine
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Internal Medicine