We take care of your children’s health

        The Pediatric department at Al-Hayat National Hospital is equipped with integrated clinics managed by selected pediatrician consultants, supported by a full network of modern medical equipment. Clinics offer medical and basic services for children such as, evaluation of the child development and health, and giving the necessary vaccinations. We are also distinguished by diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases at different ages, in addition to our medical education department in pediatric clinics playing an important role in supplying the parents with the proper instructions to observe the child’s case.


What makes us distinguished:-

  • Integrated services in all different critical medical specialties and highly experienced and competent staff.
  • Comprehensive postnatal examination leads to quick discovery of diseases.
  • Using speculum to detect Otorhinolaryngology issues easily and safely.
  • Growth hormone needs multiple and intense tests that have to be carried out in a specialized and accurate manner.
  • Protection from Pneumonia is necessary to avoid serious and chronic complications.


The cases treated in the department:


        The pediatric department offers developed high-quality medical care for children, starting from the time of birth to the age of 14 including(neurological, cardiac, thoracic, digestive, immunological, metabolic, allergic, inflammatory infection, osseous, Otolaryngology, nasal, dermatology and surgical). Our pediatric department consists of different units offering excellent health services such as, radiology, analysis, diagnosis and around-the-clock care as follows:


Emergency services for children:

  • Chest allergy, losing fluids, high temperature, choking with strange objects, cramps.


Preventive medicine services:

  • Vaccinations, counseling, observing physical and mental growth of the child, simple diseases.


Thoracic diseases services:

  • Chest allergy, bronchitis, chronic cough, chronic acute chest infections, nose and sinuses allergy, detection and treatment of tuberculosis, chronic acute tonsillitis, failure in the upper respiratory of the larynx, problems of the trachea, chronic acute ear infections, ear fluids and gum.


Digestive system diseases services:

  • Acute diarrhea and vomiting, stomach infections, babies’ milk reflux, stomach aches, nutrition problems, chronic constipation, congenital malformations in the digestive system, ulcerative enteritis.


Dermatology services:

  • Follow up and treatment of light cases of eczema, psoriasis, all types of allergy, viral skin infections like streptococcus disease and measles.


Growth problems follow up:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of osteomalacia, height problems, osteomyelitis, diagnosing tumors, child rheumatism.


Heart disease services:

  • Diagnosing genetic heart problems, congenital malformations, emergency cases such as, congestive heart failure and turning blueand heart disease follow up, heartbeat disorders.


  • Diagnosing and follow up of diabetes, endocrine diseases, diagnosing and treatment of growth problems, obesity, short height, thyroid diseases, puberty problems, metabolic diseases.


Urinary tract:

  • Diagnosing and treatment and follow up of urinary infections, urinary reflux, nocturnal enuresis, inflammation of the bladder.


Blood diseases:

  • Treatment of anemia and iron deficiency, blood clotting problems.



  • Skin, chest, and food allergy.


New born, preterm, and delayed growth intensive care unit:

  • The biggest of its kind in the private sector, competing with others in organization, results and modern applied technology, worldwide.
  • Observing the preterm infants physically and mentally, preterm-related diseases, all problems of new born babies and infants, diarrhea or constipation problems and respiratory problems.


Internal departments:

  • Include 16 stay rooms equipped with the latest medical and hotel care methods to suit children’s psychological and physical and provide a comfortable atmosphere for the child and the family.
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