Health care card renews with Alinma for medical services.


The contract between Alinma for medical services-owner and operator of Hayat National Hospitals Group (Riyadh, Asir, Jizan)-and Afak Al-Arrab Media Foundation (health care cards).

Hayat National Hospital-Riyadh-under the management of the executive director Mr. Yehia Al-Kahtany and the supervision of Alinma for Medical Services- organized to receive a delegation of a hundred individuals from Afak Al-Arrab Foundation who came to the hospital out of the foundation's believe in the increase of intimacy bonds which lasted for years and were crowned with success over the years with Alinma Company in Hayat National Hospitals Group.

The ceremony was attended by deputy general manager of Alinma for Medical Services Mr. Abdullah Suliman Al-Hazza' who welcomed the delegation headed by Afak Al-Arrab Foundation's general manager Dr. Farag Shaheen who delivered him with a shield to honor this successful relationship.

The marketing team represented by the marketing director Dr. Mohammed Al-Qazaz and assistant marketing director Dr. Inas Suliman of Alinma for Medical Services who explained all the details required to make this relationship a success for years.