Hayat National Hospital in Riyadh receives the international accreditation of establishments.


Hayat National Hospital in Riyadh affiliate to Alinma for health services, announced officially receiving accreditation as a private hospital from Joint Commission International (JCI), after JCI announced the hospital success as a result of the commission's investigation during its visit to the hospital on 22-26 May, 2016.

Hayat National Hospital's obtainment of the international accreditation of hospitals reflects excellent professional level and commitment to international standards in providing medical services for the hospital's patients in all departments with high levels of quality participating in raising the degree of security and safety in the health care of the patients according to the members of the delegate international commission. This is a new achievement added to the hospital's records as it scored a 98.4% in quality according to (JCI).

Receiving this accreditation doubles the effort to keep this level and more, being one of the international specialized accreditations in the quality of health care facilities where it is given to hospitals according to specific and strict principles and standards, whereas certificate of credit focuses on improvement of patient care safety and providing accreditation services and giving certificates, in addition to the services aiming at assisting and supporting health institutions to implement practical solutions whose standards evolve around the patient, and also focuses on the management and organization of necessary activities to guarantee international quality in providing health care.

The hospital's obtainment of the accreditation certificate from (JCI) was a result of strenuous efforts and hard persistent work by all of the hospital's staff, especially the administration of quality and safety and different medical departments and administrations, it was also a result of improving the service quality for patients clinically, administratively, and in the procedures directed at improving the processes as there is a focus on improving the medical process continuously , and applying the method of enticement and support. In case of mistakes, the accusation is directed towards the hospital's system for integration to achieve desired targets with comprehensive supervision on all operation elements, such as: administrative and financial affairs, marketing, and purchases, whereas the hospital switched from application of quality assurance to that of comprehensive quality management whose three principles focus on the client, continuous improvement, and staff. Each principle is applied through a set of practices; these practices are supported through a wide range of styles aiming at making the practices effective. This ratification of health care system is proof of the hospital's commitment to providing the best levels of health care to its patients and guarantees a safe environment to limit the risks which patients and staff might face.