The first Nephrectomy in Asir


Within the continuous chain of success in the branches of Hayat National Hospital, Dr. Ibrahim El-Shardin and his assistant Dr. Abdullah El-Heza'y succeeded in performing Nephrectomy-the first surgery of its kind- in Hayat National Hospital, Asir, on a patient who was suffering from a large tumor (size 17x14x12 cm.).

The patient arrived at the hospital's emergency department suffering from pain in the left side of the abdomen, urinary bleeding, hyperthermia, and also low hemoglobin (7.9 hemoglobin rate) with low blood oxygen reaching 83%.

After performing first aid at the emergency department, the patient was admitted and the necessary medical examinations were done showing a non-diffuse tumor in the left kidney. After stabilizing the patient, he went through a Radical Nephrectomy of the left kidney with the tumor, his condition improved and he was released from the hospital on the fourth day of the surgery.