Artificial cartilages transplant in the vertebrae in Jizan.


For the first time in the southern region of the Kingdom, the team of Neurosurgery department at Hayat National Hospital, Jizan, succeeded in performing an advanced artificial cartilages transplant in the vertebrae for a patient suffering from a double cervical disc herniation causing severe pain in the neck and right arm with motor and sensation impairment.

The medical team performed the necessary radiology which showed a disc herniation between 5 and 6 vertebrae and between 6 and vertebrae, which led to performing a critical surgery during which  the disc herniation was removed, the pressure on nerve roots was relieved and cervical vertebrae were transplanted in a process considered the most modern and most advanced in the field of cervical vertebrae surgeries which led to improvement of the patient's condition and disappearance of pain two hours after the surgery.