Ablation of a fetus-sized tumor of a Filipino lady

In a critical surgery, head of Gynopathy and  Obstetrics department at Hayat National Hospital, Riyadh, consultant Dr. Ahmed Saeed succeeded in the ablation of a large tumor in the right  ovary of a Filipina patient, the tumor size was that of a nine-month fully-developed fetus weighing more than 3 kilograms.

The Filipina patient came to the hospital suffering from a great swelling in the abdomen, assuming it was a new pregnancy due to the rapid swelling of the abdomen, severe pain in the abdomen and pelvis, and breathing difficulty.

Due to critical condition, the patient visited several doctors who diagnosed her case as a carcinoma due to undergoing a number of longitudinal caesarean sections, which made various hospitals turn the case down.

The hospital’s Gynopathy and Obstetrics department team performed all tests and diagnostic radiology including magnetic resonance, which was followed by a rapid decision to admit the patient to the operation room where the tumor was found adherent to the intestines up to the abdomen and the liver. The tumor was fully removed without blood transfusion, and the patient got out of surgery recuperative with no complications after getting rid of the problem which alarmed her over the past months.